photograph & design by Brennan Marie Smith wardrobe styling by Alyssa Natoci

photograph & design by Brennan Marie Smith
wardrobe styling by Alyssa Natoci

Rachele Eve is a third-generation Italian American from Detroit, Michigan-- a storyteller and an incurable romantic. The daughter of an opera singer and fine artist, her passion for singing began at a young age. The desert-rock songstress’ style of confessional and emotionally rich compositions emerged during her highly creative and informative years in Chicago. The city life afforded Eve a home in the neo-folk community both on and off stage where she coordinated events and collaboration for local songwriters. Her 2009, debut album, Mouth of Feathers, is a playful and absurdist account of new love and the shadow of the self.  A tumultuous love affair inspired her sophomore release, Our Love is Imagined, which she penned with classical guitar. The call-and-response cello vamps sustain the soundscape of these intensely cathartic folk ballads. Yearning for perspective and release from the wormhole of surviving as a self-proclaimed artist, Eve uprooted from Chicago to explore a path of simple living on a remote island in the Pacific. This deeply introspective journey invokes Rachele Eve’s forthcoming album, Renunciation, a window into the disintegration and healing of the heart space.

"Rachele Eve's voice is conditioned to sound like it's always going to be there for you - a generous amount of huskiness and cream - ready to wrap you up in its arms if that's what you're needing. " - Sean Moeller, Founder of Daytrotter